Poem — April II — “Put Me Below”

Put me below where every rattle runs through

Where you can hear the slosh

Feel what really moves things along

Pay respect, as is due, to those poles that warp

Our pathlines northernly, southishly

Lie me across the midline of the doldrums, so that I can turn myself to one side

And breathe in one fragrant hemisphere

And turn myself the other way

And take in the brace of the other

Put me down below

Let me fear the wide swath of the horse latitudes

Batten me down

Beneath the tropics

Above the arctic-tonguing westerlies

I find all love here; every Magnetism, and every dismembering ministry of

Tiny hungry million-to-a-mesh things

Put me down below

To where I might be of some use to them

Put me in the fabric

Put me down below

In the conspiratorial cells

Let me hear what they are thinking to make next