January 2021 — “Hasty”


Wake in urgent movement

One step’s gone past the embankment

Some other place

That’s where you’ve been


Some raving moor

Where you could not stand to see a world of hills

With nothing for a foothold

The fog no pain

The dark no crisis

The riot of insect talk no concern

But the endless arcing rolling ground around you;

A bolt screwed into your throat

One wrenching twist at a time


No firm ground

Wake to mourn it

Wake to blankness for a precious moment

And then to mourn it

Check your damp, lightless halls

Check for leaks or degradation


Climb back into the heatless sweat of blankets

Hear the blue, the gray, the blazing yellow songs through the window

Those bars are still open

Those healthy years still hasty and awry

Those songs still lying to God

About exactly who did the hurting

And who paid the cost